Top Mistakes of New Fiction Authors

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Dear traveler,
Welcome back to this tavern! Please, take a sit. Today I’m going to explain which are the most common mistakes that new authors make (in my opinion, of course). Yes! that «fatal errors«. I hope you enjoy and learn something with this post. Let’s start!
No structure or disorganized structure. The only thing you can do to avoid this is plan your plot from the beginning until the end. There is no more option, my dear adventurer… Try to start writing all the things you have in your mind: characters, locations, action that will take place in each chapter… Describe everything and also draw or take pictures of your favourite places to inspire yourself. I promise that this easy steps will help you to write better and flow.
Boring Writing. It’s a very very common error… How many times you’ve read a really promising novel and suddenly find a lot of dull paragraphs… Give yourr imagination full rein! Don’t be afraid! I always said that the first time you write a story, is the time to use all your imagination. Later, when you’ll edit it, you’ll be able to change scenes, sentences, dialogues, or the way you explained situations. Try to write every day in order to improve your creativity.
Too Much Irrelevant Detail. Everything is said in this subtitle! Sometimes we though that is in need to explain all the details we have in our minds. Please, include information only if furthers the plot, aids characterization and provides sense of a place, for example. I read a lot of good books full of senseless chapters! Don’t go into detail about something that have no significant part to play in the fiction.
Poor Dialogue Skills. Dialogue must sound real. 
Choose your words carefully. Write according to your target readers! Don’t use rude language if your target are children of 5 years old!
Lack of Editing. Often, new writers tend to think that editing just need a brief read searching for typos and spelling mistakes but that’s the very last thing you have to do! The first draft needs a deep and slow reading to pick up all the errors (grammathical, orthography, correct descriptions of the characters and locations, review if your argument and your plot (storyline) is that you planned).
Let your novel rest. This is, in my opinion, the most important tip of all. When you finish a novel, you thing your story is the best you can make. It’s time for you to be taking a rest from your novel. Put  aside and leave it almost a week. Then read it out aloud and be prepared for laugh of all the strange things you wrote. You’ll discover several mistakes, don’t worry, it’s completely normal 🙂 Rewrite it and that’s all.
That’s all for today! I hope all this tips will help you in your adventure!

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